Savage works

Savage Works is a company founded in 2019 that brings a new color to the workd of performing arts by blending different styles. Our artists join our team on a project basis. Unique use of music, versatile performers, exciting topics, different dance styles, aerial arts and acrobatics – just to name a few things that characterize the company of Savage Works.

A Savage Works egy 2019-ben alakult varieté társulat, mely különböző stílusok vegyítésével visz új színt az előadóművészet világába. Művészeink projekt jelleggel csatlakoznak az előadásokhoz. Egyedülálló zenehasználat, sokoldalú művészek, izgalmas témák, különböző táncstílusok és légtorna eszközök - csak hogy néhány dolgot említsünk, melyek a Savage Works társulatát jellemzik. 

Attila Gyorfi

Savage Works

Choreographer I Dancer I Aerialist

Diána Sándor

Savage works

Dancer I Aerialist I Stage designer

Savage Works variety company performed for the third time this year at the Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs. In our performances, we strive for innovation, entertainment and delight. UV body painting – as mentioned in the title of the piece – cannot be missed now. Diána Sándor, the founding member of Savage Works, excels not only as a performer, but also as a costume designer: the look she dreams up is both puritanical and futuristic. The music will be provided by Karolina Zengei, i.e. DJ Zelina. Our new member is Kata Hegyi, who will show herself on hoops, among other things. Attila Szemán was already with us in our MAZE performance last year, and this year we can get to know his new side.
What is the show about? As you might expect from us, we leave this question open.
What we can say, however, is that instead of analyzing the usual male-female relationships, we shed a completely new light on the dynamics of relationships.

Savage Works – MAZE guides you into a maze of words literally and figuratively.
viewers. The piece tells different stories that come together by the end of the evening,
forming a whole. Singing, acrobatics, dancing and aerobatics, MAZE is a play of light,
and provides a unique experience for the audience with the combined visual world of light painting.

With all its performances, Savage Works company innovates, searches, experiments and discovers: come and get to know the latest creation of the first variety company of Pécs. 

Pécsi Zsolnay Fényfesztivál – Trezor Rendezvényház

Director – Choreographer: Attila Győrfi
Stage design and costumes: Diána Sándor
Performers: Diána Sándor, Barbara Vágási, Balázs Kutni, Attila Győrfi

“The Crazy Twenties”: the era of jazz, bubbly hairstyles, above-the-knee skirts, smoking and self-conscious women wearing pants, smoky bars, locales, cabaret, thugs, and the Charleston era. After the war, people turned away from pre-World War I prude morals and everyone just wanted to have fun. 2020: A hundred years after the crazy twenties, the demand for entertainment is even greater. 

Everyone is looking for something new, exciting and unprecedented. As the world unfolds, our stimulus threshold is higher, it is difficult to meet demand, so we will do anything to reduce this hunger. Savage Works ’performance Folding Spaces brings these two exciting eras to life with the help of different art styles and performers. 

The dancers create a mixture of modern dance, salsa, charleston and acrobatics, the live band and singers create an extremely exciting atmosphere on stage, where the costumes made for the piece are age-appropriate and the set, as the title of the piece suggests, can be shaped and folded.

Dreamcatcher - 2021

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

According to one of the most famous old Native American legends of the Sioux tribe, there once lived an Indian mother who could not reassure only her crying child day and night. Even though the child fell asleep, he was still hoarse restlessly in his sleep and woke up crying again after a while. The clueless and unhappy mother decided to go to the wise Native American old woman to give her advice and to help herself and the child. The old Native American woman told her how to make a magic talisman to achieve peaceful sleep and thus the first dream catcher was created. Then the child slept peacefully and did not cry. Our performance presents a day of an ordinary man who fantasizes about the woman of his dreams. He imagines what he would tell her to conquer and what their common future would be like. There is only one problem: the woman exists only in her head. Or not?

Savage Works ’“ Dreamcatcher ”takes you on a journey to the border of dream and real life – where does one begin and where does the other end? Why do we feel that the dream is less than the reality? Can dreams come true?

Budapest – Bethlen Téri Színház

Director – Choreographer: Attila Győrfi
Stage design and costumes: Diána Sándor
Performers: Diána Sándor, Barbara Vágási, Zsófia Gaál, Vivien Juhász, Szilárd Petricsevics, Attila Szemán, Balázs Kutni, Attila Győrfi

A story about choice. What would happen if we did the tiniest thing differently? How much would our lives change? Savage Works tries to answer to these questions in this piece.

The special piece made for the Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs experimented with a new approach to modern dance, acrobatics and stage design. Popular music, UV body painting and LED dresses gave the performers a unique look.