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modern dance

In modern dance, the dancer expresses himself or herself through the techniques of classical ballet, but also incorporates other elements of modern dance style. While classical dance is based on structured and rule-bound steps, contemporary dance leaves room for the dancer and choreographer to exploit their own abilities. Another feature of modern dance against ballet is the deliberate use of gravity. While classical ballet dancers strive for slow and clean air, modern dancers often use their body weight to increase movement.

“I started dancing at a very young age: at the age of 3, classical ballet, that is, its basics I started learning. The ballet accompanied me until I was 18 – meanwhile, in addition to ballet, I also attended hip-hop classes, which is a completely opposite style. I studied different hip-hop dance styles for 10 years and then tried my hand at break and popping as well. In March 2014, I joined PTE Dancing University of which I am a member to this day. Here I became acquainted with even more dance styles. We met Attila during our university years, in fact the dance brought us together. It was at this time that he contracted with the South African company Afro Arimba and together with his references we made dance videos for six years now. I will join Savage Works Junior on October 1st as a modern dance instructor.” – Nikolett Batári

Why choose savage works junior?

Trained instructors

Our teachers have extremely extensive experience in education, so you can be sure you are getting the best.

Continuous improvement

Our training is designed so that you can't get bored for a minute. Our style is body friendly so we can only recommend it to everyone.

Great atmosphere

We pay a lot of attention to keep our classes in a good mood. You will find plenty of friends here.

Challenge and success

In addition to the trainings, it is also possible to learn a shorter choreography in each class.

what do we do in a class?

Warm up - Slow movements - Fast paced movements - Combinations - Choreography - Jumps - Cool down - Stretching