győrfi foundation for art

győrfi foundation for art


The Győrfi Foundation For Art was founded in the winter of 2019. The founder created his organization with the aim of creating opportunities for expression and culture for those involved in various fields of art and art supporters.

Its aim is to help and support talented young people in the field of education, training and culture: education and training, skills development, dissemination of knowledge, cultural activities.

The goal of the foundation

- Assisting, supporting and promoting modern art values ​​in the field of education

- Education and training, skills development, dissemination of knowledge

- Cultural activities

- Support and encouragement of contemporary artists

- Operation of foundation facilities, necessary for operation provision of material and material means

- Provision of development and presentation opportunities

- Organization and conducting of performances, performances, exhibitions, related marketing activities, publication in online and printed form, provision of participation in competitions, support of participants with scholarships and honoraria

- Dance artists, choreographers development, establishment and maintenance of professional relations with domestic and foreign institutions, workshops, educators, artists

- Publication, catalogs, film publishing, production, website creation, operation

- Dance and architecture on stage creates a fusion of a visual world with the involvement of different types of art

- Support for architectural research and the design of contemporary architectural works

- Further training of artists, support for participation in domestic and foreign study trips and conferences

- Collaboration with Hungarian and foreign artists and art lovers creation and translation of works in the form of art

- Support of literary authors

- Dissemination of knowledge using visual art forms

Information of the foundation

The name of the Foundation: Győrfi Művészetért Alapítvány

The address of the Foundation: 7625 Pécs, Péter utca 1.

Mailing address of the Foundation: 7625 Pécs, Péter utca 1.

Bank of the Foundation: OTP Bank

The bank account number of the Foundation: 11731018-21459409

Tax number of the Foundation: 19226491-1-02

Court registration number of the Foundation: 0200 / Pk.60118 / 2019

Statistical number of the Foundation: 19226491-8552-569-02

Registration number of the Foundation: 02-01-0001897

The website of the Foundation:

The e-mail address of the Foundation is:

Legal status of the Foundation: The Foundation is an independent legal entity, a non-profit organization that also carries out “education and training, skills development and cultural activities” non-profit activities. Duration of the Foundation: the Foundation is established for an indefinite period.

The Foundation does not engage in direct political activity, its organization is independent of political parties and does not provide them with financial support.

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