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Hoop is an aerial apparatus also known as Lyra, which is a circular metal ring hung from the ceiling, that suspends in the air. Hoop classes help improve upper, core and lower body strength. Through creating beautiful shapes and transitions, you’ll hone your control and grace. We offer a range of class levels, from absolute beginner, where no prior experience is necessary, to classes for intermediate level students. Aerial Hoop – Air dance, Aerial Hoop for Adults is an art sport. A form of movement that combines airy movements with strength and flexibility. We strongly recommend this sport to those who may be beginners and want to try it out. And to those who want to compete in competitions. We provide all this within a safe framework with trained instructors. During the session, we develop the skills needed for the sport. All in a playful way, while creating and practicing choreographies.

We welcome everyone who wants to “hang ”. We welcome everyone over the age of 14 in our  professionally equipped studio.


Trained instructors

Our teachers have extremely extensive experience in education, so you can be sure you are getting the best.

Continuous improvement

We have designed our classes so that you can’t get bored for a minute. The aerial hoop strengthens you, improves you and develops coordination.

Great atmosphere

We pay a lot of attention to keep our classes in a good mood. You will find plenty of friends here.

Challenge and success

In addition to learning the tricks, it is also possible to learn a shorter combination every in class.

what do we do in an aerial hoop for adults class?

Each class will involve a Warm Up, Conditioning, Hoop Tricks, Transitions and Combos, building to a choreographed routine for each level to conquer over the period of your course, finishing your session with a Cool Down and Stretches. The instructor will demonstrate new tricks, moving around the room to spot students. Aerial hoop does take a lot of upper body strength but complete beginners are welcome as you will learn tricks and poses step by step, building your strength up over time and developing your flexibility.